Press release: Ströer acquires leading mobile advertising provider

  • Ströer expands online marketer portfolio with the acquisition of Radcarpet
  • Launch of the new Ströer Mobile Media GmbH

Ströer Media AG is acquiring the location-based advertising segment of Servtag GmbH, Berlin. With the location-based advertising network Radcarpet, which specializes in localized and hyperlocalized online advertising on mobile devices, Ströer is adding an outstanding new technology to its online marketer portfolio. This will provide advertisers with the opportunity to reach their target group in the immediate vicinity of their own stores or those of their competitors with pinpoint accuracy. Combined with Ströer’s concentrated sales strength, the Company will now be able to offer its advertising customers attractive and tailored premium solutions in the mobile sector. Location-based advertising is a significant part of this sector and one in which the Ströer Group anticipates above-average growth.

With mobile online advertising, Ströer is closing the gap between the new online business and similarly location-based out-of-home advertising. This is a further successful step along Ströer’s path to becoming a fully integrated premium online marketer. It enables the Company to offer its advertising customers a complete range of marketing solutions:
-    from context-based to reach-based advertising
-    from national reach to hyperlocalized precision
-    from static images to moving pictures
-    from at-home displays through mobile devices to stationary displays out of home

“Our successful entry into the location-based advertising business is an important step forward in our overall strategy: We are on our way to becoming Germany’s first fully integrated online marketer. Our customers will reap the benefits of our ability to offer individualized communications solutions across the entire digital value chain,” said Udo Müller, CEO of Ströer Media AG. “We are delighted to be able to welcome Radcarpet’s highly dynamic and innovative team into the Ströer Group.”

Radcarpet will be launched under the Ströer Mobile Media brand within the newly formed Ströer Digital Group, and there form the Ströer team for mobile communications solutions as an independent entity under the leadership of its founders, Dr. Florian Resatsch and Uwe Sandner, alongside the mobile commerce specialist Henrik Helmer.