Ströer supports „Greentech Festival“ in Berlin

May 21, 2019 2:00 PM

  • Future and Sustainability Festivel from 23 – 25 May on the apron of the former Tempelhof airport

Cologne/Berlin, 21 Mai 2019        From 23 to 25 May, the former Tempelhof Airport will be the venue of the first Greentech Festival. The festival combines an exhibition with sustainable and responsive technologies, a conference on sustainability, the exclusive presentation of the Green Awards and a Formula E race. Ströer supports the Greentech Festival as a partner and promotes the festival through its outdoor advertising spaces and digital out-of-home screens. Around 50,000 visitors are expected on the festival weekend.

The Greentech Festival will showcase innovative green prototypes and products that enrich life while protecting the environment. As a festival partner, Ströer brings these innovations to the public via the digital screens across the borders of the festival.

Sustainable ideas to make cities smarter, safer and cleaner are more in demand than ever. Ströer works for its partners on solutions to concrete everyday problems: In the future, for example, inductive charging could be made available for e-mobility vehicles and measuring devices for ozone, particulate matter or nitrogen concentration could be integrated. Thanks to the existing infrastructure in public spaces, Ströer is exactly where people are. And thus exactly where the city, authorities and institutions want to place their message or their sustainable mobility service: On the streets, in pedestrian zones and in long-distance and local public transport stations.

#celebratechange: Green mobility, sustainable consumption and a sustainable lifestyle have been under discussion in politics, business and society for years. Nico Rosberg, Marco Voigt and Sven Krüger founded and launched the GREENTECH FESTIVAL in order to advance the change towards more sustainability and to promote its implementation in people's everyday lives.
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