Marketplace expands real-time bidding and targeting functions

Dec 09, 2013 1:00 AM

adscale’s demand-side platform creates a point of contact to external sources of traffic / New targeting options support advertisers in their search for new customers

adscale, Germany’s leading marketplace for digital advertising, is expanding its range real-time bidding and targeting services. First, adscale is now open for traffic from third-party providers (exchanges and/or supply-side platforms). The company has developed a demand-side platform (DSP) that allows advertisers to use adscale to automatically buy advertising space from other providers. Thanks to DSP, adscale now covers nearly the entire German market for online display advertising.

The second innovation, the improved targeting mechanism, helps adscale support its customers in optimizing their advertising campaigns. The new targeting algorithms offer a host of benefits. They make it possible to identify potential new customers online (new-customer prediction) and subsequently approach them as part of a targeted campaign, even though the potential customers may never have had contact to the advertiser before – offline or online. At the same time, the new targeting mechanisms also enable advertisers to speak to current customers more efficiently.

'Thanks to the integration of our proprietary demand-side platform, adscale now has both internal and external inventory. This combination allows advertisers to manage their campaigns in two different ways, both environmentally driven – with set prices and set volumes – or programmatically, giving adscale a unique position in the German market,' said Matthias Pantke, General Manager of adscale, describing the new adscale marketplace functions.

adscale now open for third-party inventory, focus on transparency

adscale marketplace, a demand-side platform (DSP), now connects external sources of traffic and offers even greater reach than before. With its own inventory alone, the marketplace reaches 77.1% of all German internet users (comScore, October 2013). But now, thanks to the DSP, the marketplace covers nearly the entire online display advertising market. Advertisers and agencies can automatically buy external inventory according to their needs and their target audiences (programmatic buying). The same high quality standards apply to both in-house inventory and additional traffic. All websites are subject to strict tests beforehand. adscale exclusively uses high-quality inventory to offer advertisers and agencies the highest possible level of brand safety. All URLs are displayed transparently in the booking catalog.

New targeting functions identify potential new customers

Along with the launch of the DSP, adscale is adding new, intelligent targeting mechanisms to its marketplace. These offer benefits when it comes to re-targeting and approaching new customers. The new mechanisms help make re-targeting current customers more precise and reduce losses due to non-selective advertising. In addition, the new targeting algorithms make it possible to identify potential new customers and approach them in a targeted manner, even though the potential customer may never have visited the advertiser’s website before. To find these potential customers online, the system creates what are commonly referred to as look-alike models, which take an anonymous look at selected traits of current customers’ on the basis of their surfing habits. This information is summarized in user profiles. The system recognizes non-customers with profiles similar to those of current customers and marks them as potential customers. The adscale marketplace performs this task within a matter of milliseconds. As a result, advertisers can use programmatic buying to buy ad impressions with a high purchasing potential for the products they are selling.