Digital out-of-home advertising pioneer celebrates its anniversary

Feb 17, 2014 1:00 PM

Infoscreen, the digital big screen at high-traffic underground and suburban railway stations, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. On February 15, 1994, the first screen went live at the Odeonsplatz underground station in Munich. This marked the first use of digital out-of-home advertising in Germany. Since then, Ströer has constantly been expanding on the concept of reaching people in public spaces, adding new digital advertising media and taking it to new locations.

“The idea of offering welcome entertainment to passersby in the form of editorial content and advertising has stood the test of time. We have always promoted it”, says Alexander Fürthner, member of the management of Infoscreen GmbH. “Thisalso applies to the future: We stand for the development of the digital out-of-home genre.”

In the 1990s, Infoscreen successfully bridged the gap between television and classic out-of-home advertising. Ströer’s digital out-of-home advertising reached a new dimension with the launch of its out-of-home channel at train stations. The company now markets about 2,500 digital screens for video advertising in public spaces in Germany. As a result, the group has created one of the world’s largest digital product offerings with national coverage, establishing an additional platform for advertisers in the video advertising market. Ströer’s DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) public video channel generates more than 500 million ad impressions per week and reaches passersby at train stations, shopping malls and airports.

“From conventional posters and digital big screens to the out-of-home channel, out-of-home advertising is one of the most innovative advertising forms and offers a perfect, target-group-specific means of reaching people in the digital age,” explains Esther Raff, Head of National Marketing for Ströer Media Deutschland GmbH.