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Analyst Recommendations

Date Investment Bank Analyst Rating Target Price in €
09.07.2024 Oddo BHF Jérôme Bodin Buy 100.00
08.07.2024 J.P. Morgan Marcus Diebel Buy 89.00
11.06.2024 Warburg Research Jörg Philipp Frey Buy 80.00
17.07.2024 HSBC Christopher Johnen Buy 79.00
03.06.2024 LBBW Achim Wittmann Buy 75.00
07.06.2024 UBS Adam Berlin Buy 74.50
10.06.2024 Deutsche Bank Nizla Naizer Buy 74.00
02.07.2024 Bernstein Annick Maas Buy 73.00
14.06.2024 Kepler Cheuvreux Craig Abbott Buy 71.00
26.04.2024 Hauck & Aufhäuser Simon Keller Buy 69.00
28.06.2024 Goldman Sachs James Tate Hold 66.90
23.07.2024 Citi Thomas A Singlehurst Hold 65.30
09.05.2024 Barclays Julien Roch Hold 64.00

Important Note

This list is provided for information only and does not constitute a solicitation to buy, hold or sell securities.

The sole responsibility for the content and the conclusions of the mentioned analyst studies or recommendations respectively rests with the named investment banks.

Banks and securities firms use different terms for their equity ratings.

Any opinions, estimates or forecasts made by these analysts on the performance of Ströer Media are not opinions, forecasts or predictions of Ströer SE & Co. KGaA or its management. By providing the list above, Ströer SE & Co. KGaA does not imply its endorsement of or concurrence with such information, conclusions or recommendations.

The list contains the sell-side analysts who cover Ströer Media. The list has been drawn up to the best of our knowledge. Ströer SE & Co. KGaA cannot give any assurance that the list represents a full overview of all analyst reports available on the market. This list may not be complete and may change from time to time. We update the list periodically, but undertake no obligation to do so.

Copies of reports by any of the listed analysts must be obtained directly from the analysts or their firms. Ströer SE & Co. KGaA does not distribute such reports.

Share Buyback

On 28 September 2022, Ströer SE & Co. KGaA announced a share buyback program. The buyback with a volume of up to 50 million euros started on 3. October 2022. Ströer published the terms and conditions of this program on September 28, 2022 in accordance with Art. 5 (1) (a) of Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 and Art. 2 (1) of Delegated Regulation (EU) No 2016/1052.


Date Number of purschased shares Average price (in EUR)* Purchased volume (in EUR) Details
04/17/2023-04/21/2023 36,562 48.6138 1,777,417.76 XLS Download
04/11/2023-04/14/2023 23,610 48.2111 1,138,264.07 XLS Download
04/03/2023-04/06/2023 29,352 48.5620 1,425,391.82 XLS Download
03/27/2023-03/31/2023 50,504 48.4645 2,447,651.11 XLS Download
03/20/2023-03/24/2023 76,376 49.9671 3,816,287.23 XLS Download
03/13/2023-03/17/2023 67,636 50.8808 3,441,373.79 XLS Download
03/06/2023-03/10/2023 41,719 53.5640 2,234,636.52 XLS Download
02/27/2023-03/03/2023 9,642 53.1138 512,123.26 XLS Download
02/20/2023-02/24/2023 33,805 52.0990 1,761,206.70 XLS Download
02/13/2023-02/17/2023 36,974 51.8143 1,915,781.93 XLS Download
02/06/2023-02/10/2023 36,482 51.9588 1,895,560.94 XLS Download
01/30/2023-02/03/2023 28,767 51.0763 1,469,311.35 XLS Download
01/23/2023-01/27/2023 0 - - -
01/16/2023-01/20/2023 0 - - -
01/09/2023-01/13/2023 100 48.1764 4,817.64 XLS Download
01/02/2023-01/06/2023 881 45.2892 39,899.79 XLS Download
12/27/2022-12/30/2022 21,254 43.3553 921,473.55 XLS Download
12/19/2022-12/23/2022 53,635 42.2696 2,267,130.00 XLS Download
12/12/2022-12/16/2022 58,652 42.9916 2,521,543.32 XLS Download
12/05/2022-12/09/2022 78,495 43.4600 3,411,392.70 XLS Download
11/28/2022-12/02/2022 52,599 44.2979 2,330,025.24 XLS Download
11/21/2022-11/25/2022 55,773 44.4996 2,481,876.19 XLS Download
11/14/2022-11/18/2022 13,115 46.4780 609,559.23 XLS Download
11/07/2022-11/11/2022 6,865 43.0587 295,597.98 XLS Download
10/31/2022-11/04/2022 79,405 40.4328 3,210,566.48 XLS Download
10/24/2022-10/28/2022 50,657 42.1402 2,134,695.10 XLS Download
10/17/2022-10/21/2022 51,330 42.4240 2,177,623.92 XLS Download
10/10/2022-10/14/2022 45,266 41.3374 1,871,088.22 XLS Download
10/03/2022-10/07/2022 50,532 40.4978 2,044,859.46 XLS Download

* VWAP (Main market, continuous trading)

Shareholder Structure

(Total number of shares: 55,848,313)

As of: 06/10/2024

Udo Müller 1 23.95 %
Dirk Ströer 1 19.98 %
ValueAct 15.20 %
Allianz 9.15 %
Freefloat ² 43.44 %
1 Attributable in each case on the basis of a pooling contract (43.93%)
2 According to Freefloat definition Deutsche Börse

Status: June 10, 2024

Basic Data

Share capital 55,848,313 euros
Shares outstanding 55,848,313
Share type Bearer shares without par value (proportional share in the capital stock of € 1.00 per share)
Initial trading July 15, 2010
ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) DE0007493991
Security Code Number 749,399
Stock symbol SAX
Ticker symbol Reuters SAXG.DE
Ticker symbol Bloomberg SAX/DE
Market segment Prime Standard
Index MDAX
Designated Sponsors Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe Privatbank AG



The entire out-of-home market faces exciting changes. Being one of the leading out-of-home advertisers in Europe, Ströer plans to proactively drive this process. With the biggest market share in Germany in terms of revenues and with strong positions in the high growth markets of Turkey and Poland, Ströer is ideally prepared in this respect. The IPO will enable Ströer to continue and expedite its successful growth story.
Part of the proceeds generated by the IPO is to be used for the realization of strategic investments. This includes the increase of the stake in the Turkish joint venture Ströer Kentvizyon from 50 to 90 percent and the acquisition of the Polish out-of-home advertising company News Outdoor Poland. A further share of net proceeds is planned to be used for investments in organic growth of Ströer and for concrete product innovations in the field of digital outdoor advertising. In addition, the company intends to use the proceeds generated to reduce its net debt level, to optimize the capital structure and increase financial flexibility.
The subscription period is expected to run from 5 to 13 July. The first trading day is scheduled for 15 July 2010.
The offer price has been fixed at €20.00 per share. The Selling Shareholder and the Company expect to determine the offer price together with the Joint Bookrunners, on the basis of a bookbuilding process, on July 13, 2010. The offer price will be published by means of an ad-hoc release and will be published by means of electronic media, such as Reuters or Bloomberg, and on the company’s website ( Investors, who placed their purchase offer with one of the underwriting banks, can ask their bank for the offer price and the number of allotted shares the earliest on the bank working day following the price setting. Other investors will receive this information from the bank they placed their purchase offer with.
J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley will be acting as joint bookrunners. The underwriters include Commerzbank, Crédit Agricole and WestLB as co-lead managers. Prospective investors can submit their purchase bids at the branch offices of these banking institutions as of July 5, 2010. Generally, it is also possible to subscribe to shares via a bank that is not represented by the underwriters.
Udo Müller (co-founder and CEO) and Dirk Ströer (son of the second co-founder Heinz Ströer) are the main shareholders of Ströer SE.
Ströer is aiming for listing on the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
Ströer Media is a stock corporation under German law. The bearer shares that are the subject of this offering have no par value and a notional value of €1.00 each. They are expected to be admitted for trading in the regulated market segment (regulierter Markt) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and, simultaneously, in the sub-segment thereof with additional post-admission obligations (Prime Standard).
The Prime Standard is a share-trading segment on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Companies listed in this segment meet transparency requirements that go beyond those applying to all market-listed companies. Among others the following will be mandatory for Ströer: Preparation of quarterly reports Publication of a company calendar ad-hoc announcements in German and English Publication of balance sheets based on international accounting standards regular analyst meetings The Prime Standard generally lists companies that wish to reach foreign investors in addition to German ones.
You will find information on our website at However, any investment decision should be based on the Prospectus, which can be downloaded here.
The Prospectus contains all the key information, e.g. on the shares offered, the issuer (Ströer SE), the corporate structure, business activity and financial information. The prospectus can be downloaded from this website. A printed copy can be obtained free of charge during regular business hours from the company. Please contact our investor relations team at Ströer SE, Ströer Allee 1, 50999 Cologne, Phone: +49-(0)2236-9645-127, Fax: +49-(0)2236-9645-2356,


The Prospectus contains all the key information, e.g. on the shares offered, the issuer (Ströer SE & Co. KGaA), the corporate structure, business activity and financial information. The prospectus can be downloaded from this website. A printed copy can be obtained free of charge during regular business hours from the company. Please contact our investor relations team at:

Ströer SE & Co. KGaA
Ströer Allee 1
50999 Cologne
Phone: +49 (0)2236 . 96 45-356
Fax: +49 (0)2236 . 96 45-2356

Prospectus for the Public Offering of Shares of Ströer SE & Co. KGaA .