Sustainable, environmentally friendly business practices are becoming ever more important and public expectations are also growing. Business partners and employees have cultivated an enhanced awareness of sustainability topics. Policy planning has also become more ambitious: with its Green Deal, the European Union has set out the objective for its member states to become climate neutral within 30 years and for its circular economy to become more effective – a real challenge.

The companies of the Ströer Group have been operating sustainably for many years. Ströer’s guiding sustainability principle is: less is more sustainable. We aim to live up to this principle within our financial and technical means.

In the future, we want to align our Company even more strongly with the principles of sustainability as well as entrepreneurial and social responsibility. Both are inextricably linked. This strategy allows Ströer to play a role in finding solutions to the global challenges of our time: environmental protection and ultimately quality of living for a growing population.